Upcoming Classes

Upcoming Classes

Scene Study

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Actors are taught the foundations of technique through opening emotional exercises which are used to warm up the actor’s instrument and teach the tools that will be applied to their scene work.

Auditioning for Film and Television

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This class aims to exercise an ease working in front of the camera and the confidence to perform and to shine in every audition.

Script Analysis

The class will help to acquire the tools to break down a story thematically and the discipline to make powerful choices whether you are auditioning for a project or have booked the part.

Breaking Into The Industry

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Learn the business of the business. Learn to create concrete goals and set plans to achieve them. Move from just wanting to book, to booking the jobs you want!

Casting Director Workshops

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Showcase your talents and learn from some of the top casting directors in the business. Gain the unique perspective only available from those behind the camera. Learn what separates the actors who get the call backs from the rest of the pack.

Golden Box

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Actors learn how to develop their full imagination with tools for accessing their deepest possible emotional life. The workshop progresses using improvisational exercises of increasing complexity, including various methodologies for achieving objectives, and through in-depth work on written material.

Voice and Speech

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In Vocal Integration we begin by learning first to observe the breath, the body and the voice. With increased awareness, you will be able to identify your personal “habits” – those learned inhibitions that limit your freedom as an actor.


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Build scenes, Take Risks, Find unique choices that are memorable, Develop strong and exciting characters, Get out of your head and open your eyes to new performance possibilities.

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