Script Analysis

Script Analysis

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 “It’s never interesting in acting to be vague, so you have to go through the script with a fine-tooth comb. Be a thorough technician; look for clues and at the same time listen to your intuition.”

Michelle Danner, Artistic Director, Edgemar Center for the Arts


This acting class is for Actors, Writers, Directors, and anyone who is passionate about storytelling. Analyze scripts and work on scenes from different genres of screenplays, television, and plays such as Match Point, Tootsie, American Beauty, The Talented Mr. Ripley, Little Miss Sunshine, Golden Boy, The Rose Tattoo, Bridesmaids, My Week with Marilyn, and many more.

Students will hone their ability to break down stories, characters, conflicts, and the language from different dramatic and comedic scripts.

Classes are supplemented by clips of the actors that brought meaning and depth to the scripts and roles studied in class. There will be in-depth discussion of  the tools an actor applies to create their performance.

The class will help student acquire the tools to break down a story thematically, and the discipline to make powerful choices whether you are auditioning for a project or have booked the part.

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