Improv Classes

Best Improv Classes in Los Angeles

This Los Angeles Acting School encompasses the following acting techniques:

Meisner, Strasberg, Adler, Hagen, Chekhov & the Stanislavsky Technique.


Improv Workout

Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Classes


*The current industry demand is for skilled improv actors

to be quick on their feet naturally & with confidence. Practice & learn

to connect to the spontaneity within!

*Want to perform in a comedy showcase?

Take this class, improve your comedic skills & audition.


Quotes from students:

“How quickly you learn that you cover yourself with layers of protection.

This class helps to peel away those layers & allow the real you to be free, & shine!”


“I had problems getting out of my own head, so I came to this class to try &

physicalize. Not only has it helped tremendously with that, but with a myriad of

other problems I didn’t even know I had.”


· Take risks with the freedom of play & overcome mental blocks.

· Workout & strengthen your impulses.

· Heighten & Explore your passion and emotions through your voice & actions.

· Develop your creativity & learn to trust your instincts through improvised scenes & theater games at a top Santa Monica acting school

· Learn how to have your characters think as quickly on their feet as you can on yours.

· Break through self-imposed restrictions in a safe supportive space.

2 month session includes a comedy showcase


Uncensored Hollywood

Uncensored Hollywood the series follows the escapades of a big-shot Hollywood Acting coach, and the students who will do whatever it takes to become a star. Directed by Derek Reid, our improv coach, the series draws on all the diverse skills our students have learned in class. New episodes are released each Friday. Interested in learning more about the webseries, the acting school, or our other projects? Email us at!


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