Golden Box

The Actor’s Golden Box: Two Day Intensive

Learn how to create vivid, fleshed out, and interesting characters through an intense and emotional workshop with lectures and technique exercises. The Golden Box is a two day in depth lecture that breaks down the technical map used at  Acting Studio.

The Golden Box a 2 day acting intensive teaches actors to draw upon all different acting techniques and form a toolbox of their own.
Michelle Danner golden box technique draws upon Meisner, Strasberg, Adler, Hagen, Chekhov & the Stanislavsky Technique.

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Technique Analysis

This class lays out fundamentals Michelle Danner’s comprehensive technique that is effective for actors of all different levels. The Golden Box will show you how to get out of your head and begin to live completely in the moment. By finding your personal emotional triggers, you will learn to access the full range of your feelings and emotions at a moment’s notice. Actors from around the world have found success studying Michelle’s Golden Box technique because she takes the emphasis off of the “method”, and helps actors rediscover their own creativity.  The Golden Box will push you grow out of acting, and into artistry.

The class focuses on finding  your own answers to the following questions:

– Why are some choices more powerful than others?

– How does one deliver a raw unforgettable performance?

– What specific tools can be applied to film, television and stage work?

– How does one develop a personal story from scratch and discover material for a one woman/man show, screenplay, short or novel?

Michelle’s lessons will be supported in class by film clips. There are discussions and analyses of performances by Meryl Streep, Judi Dench, Anthony Hopkins, Al Pacino, Marlon Brando, James Dean and others.

Exercises include learning how to build provocative and complex back stories through opening up your instrument  emotionally and finding personalized triggers and psychological gestures in your work. This class has serves as more than an acting seminar, and past participants have discovered profound truths about themselves as artists.

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“Michelle Danner’s Golden Box is an intensive two day workshop that focuses teaching actors techniques to make use of their own emotional triggers and how to apply those techniques to characters in order humanize and legitimize them.

To say the class is intense is an understatement. Ms. Danner finds ways of allowing actors to push past their own inhibitions and to touch upon their emotional foundations. This is done largely through a series of questions that probe the deeper levels of our identities as well as our relationships. Ms. Danner supports this process with insightful anecdotes from her long history in the industry as well as through case studies of important films and their actors.

The greatest risk to the success of the workshop comes from its environment. The path Ms. Danner takes us on in an incredibly personal one. Actors may be willing to emote more than the layperson, but in teaching us to find our emotional core and how to apply it the characters we play, Ms. Danner pushes people to plumb the depths of their psyche in a way few people do outside of counseling. If the students were to feel uncomfortable in the group; if they felt in anyway judged or self-conscious, they would be unable to make the deep connections between their own identity and their characters, and to understand the ways in which a character can be made real through emotion. If this were to happen the main objective of the session would be unmet, and the class would be a waste.

Yet, in spite of the risk, making the classroom into a welcoming, supportive, loving environment is where Ms. Danner has her greatest success. Through her conversational approach, she puts the students at ease. Through her long history in the business and her experience with titans of the acting world she establishes her expertise and the validity of her approach. Finally, and most importantly, through her respect for her students she creates an environment in which it is clear that the students not only have her support, but have the support of one another. Students soon benefit from the understanding of the innately collaborative experience of acting, that an actor emoting in a vacuum is not enough to make a show – that they need to rely on each other and to invest in each other to create something great.

Aside from helping actors understand proper techniques of finding and justifying emotions, Ms. Danner demonstrated ways of interacting with the environment in emotive ways, provided suggestions on how to appropriately analyze scripts, and tips on navigating the industry. Over all the class was hugely helpful, not only in learning how to think about emotion and to properly emote, but in fostering an understanding of the world of acting as whole. What was perhaps most interesting about the class was its universality. The student make up included beginners as well as long-time actors, and Ms. Danner’s approach equally benefited all type of students. For beginners the workshop provided an accessible entry into perceptions of emotion and emotional triggers. On the other hand, advanced students were able to practice what they already know about emoting with the advantage of having someone who thoroughly understands the craft guiding them through the process. This class deserves a very strong recommendation.”

– Nathan Little

“Renowned acting coach michelle danner is a unique and serious school. It has taught me the fundamentals of acting and continues to teach and nurture me as an actress. This a school for people serious about their craft and willing to put in the time and effort to realize their goals. Everyone involved is dedicated and excited. It’s wonderful to have teachers that really care since it impacts the students so much. I have studied at various schools in L.A., but have come to feel at home here. Michelle danner’s golden box is fabulous all I can say is, the style of this school, the serious approach, professionalism, respect and love of true acting has inspired me as a person, making me a much better actress.”

– Jessica Manta

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