Auditioning for Film & TV

Auditioning for Film and TV

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Actors in this class will practice in front of the camera with sides from movies, television, and theatrical works ranging from comedy to sitcom, romance and slapstick, tragedy, slapstick, and all genres of dramatic writing. Playback is watched on the big screen.  Actors learn to stamp their signatures on a character with unique choices.  This class allows the actor to work in front of the camera and build the confidence to perform and to shine in every audition.

best acting school

Quote from Michelle Danner on acting technique :

“The camera is like a dangerous lover. You have to risk letting it capture the most secret parts of you.” –Michelle Danner

Top Acting School

Eight week on-camera cold reading.

Learn what Casting Directors are looking for! Increase your booking rate. Take the class that will help you land the job! An eight week long course designed to help actors with their auditions. Open to actors of all levels.

WEEKS 1 AND 2 Examine the text and learn what to look for when reading your sides.  Understand subtext, beats, and transitions.

WEEKS 3 AND 4 Learn how to identify your physical and vocal triggers.  Learn deeper techniques to work moment to moment and discover how conflict drives the character and the story.

WEEKS 5 AND 6 Understand a character’s lines though the knowledge the wants and objectives that propel them through the story.  Move beyond the basic on-camera techniques and gain greater confidence on set.

WEEKS 7 AND 8 Scenes, scenes, and more scenes. Learn to put it all together fast. Continue to hone your ability to adjust quickly.  Sustain the performance and keep your momentum.

Student testimonials

“The technique of how to analyze a script, and the tools learned to prepare for an audition in a short amount of time has been invaluable! Also getting to experiment with different types of scripts and how to handle each has been great, not only for an audition, but for me as an actor as well!” – Shannon Going Actress

“Awesome training, the teachers are meticulous in breaking down each beat and thoroughly enjoy their work, which translates into pure enjoyment for the students.”

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