Accent Reduction

Accent Reduction

Acting Studio

A six week intensive that meets twice a week, this course is for accented actors who need or want to sound American. Students will work on the General American accent.

Participants will learn to speak not only with American tonal changes, but with American musicality. The class focuses on breaking down American rhythm and learning the muscular mouth movements that Americans make.

Students are assigned homework exercises, which they should practice daily. Homework assignments also include memorization and rehearsal of a dramatic monologue and scene. A general course plan is:

Weeks 1 -2:  Creating a blank canvas (reducing your own accent music and un-American speaking rhythms), American sound practice, and applying it to your monologue

Weeks 3-4:  Solidifying American rhythm and learning  American musicality, pitch, and stress patterns. Continued practice of American sounds, and continuing to apply teachings to your monologue and scene

Weeks 5-6: Solidifying American rhythm, Musicality, pitch, and stress patterns. Learning American mouth muscular movements and speech placement, solidifying American sounds, then applying all features to your monologue and scene.

With a maximum of ten students, you are guaranteed individual attention. Additionally, at the end of the course, you receive a customized daily/weekly practice regimen that will ensure significant change in your accent.


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