Student Testimonials

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Scene study

“Michelle danner challenges actors to reach deeper and deeper and develop a reliable technique that immediately translates to working on a film or TV show.  Michelle dannner is the best acting teacher I know of in Los Angeles, and she has put together a remarkable acting studio.  Go there.”

Caroline Ferrari

Golden box

” Renowned acting coach Michelle Danner is a unique and serious school. It has taught me the fundamentals of acting and continues to teach and nurture me as an actress. This a school for people serious about their craft and willing to put in the time and effort to realize their goals. Everyone involved is dedicated and excited. It’s wonderful to have teachers that really care since it impacts the students so much. I have studied at various schools in L.A., but have come to feel at home here. Michelle danner’s golden box is fabulous all I can say is, the style of this school, the serious approach, professionalism, respect and love of true acting has inspired me as a person, making me a much better actress.” Jessica Manta

Scene study

“Acting coach Michelle Danner gave me a safe environment to play fearlessly, discover new continents within and fly with mad abandon. At the same time it is a place grounded in reality, where you get the truth about the industry from people who are out there doing it right now and tell it like it is.”

Bryna Thomas

Script analysis

“Michelle danner is a great teacher who truly wants her students out of the classroom and onto the set. The master class is about mastering the enjoyment of what we do as actors. Michelle wants you to have fun… wants you to remember the reason we got into this biz.  Yes, it’s hard work, yes you have to persist, and yes, you have to love it, but please remember to have fun.

Tatsumi Ryota

Scene study

” The Acting classes has enriched my acting is ways I couldn’t have imagined. It pushed me to go deeper and I’m forever grateful.”

Brady Nielsen

“Finally! I found a strong, solid acting class in LA. Michelle danner is one of the best acting teachers I’ve had so far as an artist. She has structured the The Acting Studio at Edgemar Center for the Arts led by renowned acting coach Michelle Danner to cover almost every aspect of the actor’s career, from technique and scene study to the business of acting, in the most nurturing environment I’ve ever experienced. michelle and her staff of teachers are amazing, encouraging and completely tuned in to the specific needs of each actor, what a prize this school is for any actor at any level!

Tam Reynera

“It has been a privilege for me to take classes at The Michelle Danner. It is a safe place, a place where your creative mind and body are both nourished and challenged. After just 3 months in The Master Class, I booked my dream job – a lead in a major motion picture. I would literally not be where I am today if it hadn’t been for the help of the school, teachers, and Michelle danner. She is on a mission to explore and encourage the journey of an actor’s development. Here is a chance to overcome the fears every actor faces, and replace them with the invaluable tools needed to conquer the acting world.” Starring role in the upcoming feature film.

Chris Stone

“Before The Acting Studio at Edgemar Center for the Arts led by renowned acting coach Michelle Danner , I felt something was missing in my work. I wasn’t having any more fun with it nor getting any better at it. The Acting Studio at Edgemar Center for the Arts led by renowned acting coach Michelle Danner classes allowed me to play again and remember why I got into acting in the first place. I started booking jobs every single month because I was able to immediately use what I learned in the classes in my auditions. I love The Acting Studio at Edgemar Center for the Arts led by renowned acting coach michelle danner for that instant gratification!”

Riley Baker

M1 visa student from Ireland

“I came from Ireland to study with acting coach Michelle Danner and had such an amazing time. Before beginning the program, I had very little confidence in myself and my technique. I was working on and off as an actress but never really committed. Thanks to the wonderful facilitators, especially Michelle Danner, I found the passion within myself that drives my addiction to “living truthfully under imaginary circumstances.” I also made some extraordinary people there with whom I made very strong connections. On returning to Dublin, I was cast in the Irish prime time TV show, FAIR CITY. I got five weeks of work and am enjoying every minute of it, even the hanging around! I hope to return to Los Angeles and continue my studies Michelle Danner.”

John Fitzgerald

“This school has been a blessing. I learned more here at the The Acting Studio at Edgemar Center for the Arts led by renowned acting coach michelle danner in my first month than years of schooling elsewhere. The teachers are all brilliant, intuitive and articulate. I am constantly amazed by the feedback that I and other students get. What I have learned here has helped me professionally for many reasons. For one thing, I am very clear about what it is I am selling. Most importantly though, I walk into auditions and film sets knowing precisely how to approach my scene, rehearsed or cold. Knowing this fills me with a palpable air of confidence which I find essential in the professional world. I really can’t rave enough about this school. I love it, I love it, I love it.”

Anna Jorgen

“Like the best experiences I’ve had, The Acting Studio at Edgemar Center for the Arts led by renowned acting coach Michelle Danner  has challenged me. They haven’t handed me talent, but invited me into a safe place where I can experiment, learn about myself, and break the habits and fears that keep me from fully trusting myself and having fun. It’s clear that the goal of every teacher there – especially Michelle Danner – is to guide potential into talent through honesty in our work, with one another, and to ourselves with tools that we may all take with us as we continue to grow.

Diego Mishner

“For many years I was looking at different studios and ways to explore my skills in order to fill gaps from previous training. The Acting school let by top Los Angeles acting coach Michelle Danner turned out to have it all. It’s the most complete and efficient training for contemporary actors.”

Maud Oganassi

Beginner classes

“Acting coach Michelle Danner  is responsible for encouraging and preparing my first steps towards a career as a professional actor, and facing the dreams I’ve tried to ignore. “The environment established by my instructor (Michelle Danner) and classmates has invigorated a desire to continually grow as an artist and be unwavering in my commitment to excellence in m work. I didn’t just learn I found a deeper desire to grow stronger artistically, professionally and personally.”

Mike Lee

6 month program

“Since my 6 month session ended, I have booked a national commercial with Axe Body Spray a landed a featured role on a new TV pilot. I also have auditioned for a feature film at Universal Studios, and had a featured part in a short film heading for the festival circuit. Your school has given me the tools and confidence that I needed to get the ball rolling on my new acting career  can now say that I AM a professional actor, and I owe my success to you and your people. You have built a great organization with instructors that are real working actors themselves and do hesitate to share the ‘secrets’ of the business. I can truly say that I loved every minute of it. Thank you for all you did.

Daniel Coplan

“I joined the 12 month well rounded acting intensive and found that Michelle Danner has created an acting studio which offers both new and established actors a unique opportunity to really hone their craft and reach for more…As a teacher Michelle Danner is insightful and challenging, with a profound knowledge of his art and an intuitive understanding of actors.”

Vanessa Leandra

Scene study

“Since taking Advanced Scene Study with Michelle Danner, I am more willing to take risks and make bold choices because they are based on solid script analysis and truthful personalization.”

Alexandra Herman

Breaking into the industry

“I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Michelle Danner’s workshop on Sunday.  I liked that she brought in different headshots to show the difference between a good and a bad headshot, and she did a great job of explaining what to look for in a headshot when looking at the work of different photographers.  She also spent time talking about scams; how to spot them and how to avoid them.  In addition, her advice on how to submit to agents, when to sign with one, and when to go union was invaluable.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to begin expanding their acting training into an acting career. On a personal note, I wanted to thank you and the office staff for always being so accessible.  I loved that when I called and said, “This is Sutton,” you guys knew who I was.  I have taken classes elsewhere, and I can guarantee, they didn’t know me from Adam, so I really liked that you guys took the time to know me. Also, my class was fantastic, and I absolutely loved Brian Drillinger.  I trusted him completely, and I felt incredibly comfortable in his class. I just wanted to say that I would definitely recommend The Acting Studio at Edgemar Center for the Arts led by renowned acting coach Michelle Danner to anyone, and thanks for a great experience!”

Roberta Champion

Advanced Scene Study

I’m happy to work with Michelle Danner.  She has shown me the difference between an actor and someone who just wants to be on TV.  She has taught me to focus on not just getting the emotion of the character, but learning to get to the point of what caused those emotions. She makes you look deep within yourself and capture that authenticity of a true performer.

Clara Kovanova

Scene study

“There is a very old saying: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Michelle danner appeared in my life when I was ready to become a serious actor. In March of 2010, at the age of 64, I began my acting career as a background actor in movies & TV. I registered with some agents who got me work. I began having fun on the sets, and making friends. About a year later I took my wife to see Phantom of the Opera, and realized I wanted to do live theater, without a clue as to how to even begin. A few weeks later, one of my agents told me via e-mail that a person named Michelle Danner was holding the free informational session on Thursdays and I went to that introductory meeting & liked the gentle way Michelle Danner spoke, and the insights she had from being an actor & a playwright. I continued to attend michelle’s classes every Sunday when I wasn’t booked on a paying job. she helped me create and improve my monologues, of which I had none when I started her classes. Today, I was asked to audition for an understudy role in a play. I got the role! This would not, could not have happened if not for my working at The Acting Studio at Edgemar Center for the Arts led by renowned acting coach Michelle Danner.

Leona Gergenson

I just took a class with Michelle Danner her this fall and it was amazing!  I’ve always been a 100% theatre actor and so this was totally new to me.  In 6 weeks, Michelle Danner took me from terrified to confident. She has a great style of teaching and each class is well planned out and interesting.  She gives great notes and direction but is also really able to steer you towards making interesting choices all on your own!   When you first speak to her, she speaks to you as if you have known her for years.  She is a kind person and straight forward & has a sentimental heart for all us struggling actors.

Jenni Roble

On camera class

I cannot recommend MICHELLE DANNER highly enough as a film acting teacher.  she is a complete actor who has successfully gone back and forth between stage and film work, and she is the one to teach you how to do it.  In her relaxed, informal, low-stress class Michelle Danner helped me, an experienced actress, to make a better and more confident transition between stage and film.  she does an excellent job at clarifying the differences and worked with me to leave out the bigger details on film and trust that the camera captures all your preparation character work.  Seeing your own classroom performance played back immediately with gentle and positive critique was the tool I needed to continuously improve my film acting skills from week to week and increase my confidence level in front of the camera.  My film auditions have felt so much better since taking Michelle Danner class and I have also had plenty of positive feedback on them, the ultimate testimonial as to how much Michelle Danner helped me.  I recommend Michelle Danner to anyone – regardless of experience level – looking for personalized individual help in film acting with a calm and friendly teacher who is behind you all the way.  I’ll be back to take more class with Michelle Danner and I hope to see you there! LIZ ANN

On Camera class

When I began taking Michelle Danner’s class, for some reason I considered film acting to be a much more specialized medium than it really was. It was helpful to realize early on in the process that film acting is just slightly different than acting for the stage: a less “amped up” version, so to speak, when we don’t have to worry about a large audience picking up the intricacies of the performance (the camera picks it up). It was also nice to work with Michelle Danner in a very relaxed environment. I recommend this class to those looking to build a better foundation for acting/reacting in any environment.

Mark Justice

On camera with Michelle danner

As a recent transplant from New Mexico, I was relying on strictly word of mouth. Fortunately, they directed me to Michelle Danner’s Film Acting Class. I was instantly drawn to her experience and length of time on the L.A. film, commercial, and television scene. Michelle Danner  shared many useful business tips surrounding the world of film for an actor on top of her knowledge about just the craft of acting behind a lens. The insider business information and tips only made the class doubly useful to actors wishing to pursue this line of craft. The information is pertinent and useful to not only actors, but technicians, directors, and writers. Michelle Danner teaches with the ability to blend together students of completely different backgrounds and amounts of experience while maintaining clear explanations about a craft that is very mysterious and often difficult to conceptualize. I found myself leaving her class with a more grounded and solid feeling about acting for either theater or film. Take this class to expand yourself at any level which you may happen to be with your craft.

Valerie Lee

Best acting school in Los Angeles, CA


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