Acting Techniques

Our acting Conservatory incorporates a variety of acting techniques which includes Sanford Meisner, Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, Uta Hagen, Mike Leigh and Stanislavsky.

We also have a complete Film and Television program including Auditioning for the Camera, The Actor’s Golden Box with Michelle Danner, Voice and Speech, Ongoing Scene Study, Improv Workout, Breaking into the Industry, and Casting Director Workshops.Sandy_MeisnerSanford Meisner Technique

The established Sanford Meisner Technique leads the actor through a procedure of self-investigation, the use of Independent Activities, Entrances, Point of View, Emotional Preparation, Action and Scene Work. The actors learn to craft their independent activities to their fullest emotional, sequential, imaginative and challenging possibilities as well as the crafting of their entrances and exits. Other aspects of the improvisational exercises include the Domestic Exercise, the Shared Circumstance and the Life Goes on Activity.



Stella Adler Technique

The Stella Adler Technique deals in depth with script analysis. The actors will master the breakdown of a script into beats and the use of action exercises and emotional doings to understand the character’s through-line.



Lee Strasberg Technique

Lee Strasberg’s “Sense Memory and Method Technique,” are used to help the actors develop and explore all their senses, bringing their instrument in tune with their environment and their emotional states. The use of Imagery is introduced to connect with Emotionality and Body Language.



Uta Hagen

A three time Tony Award winning actress became a highly influential acting teacher at New York’s Herbert Berghof Studio and has authored several best-selling acting books. She believed in being rather than acting and that the characters were not characters, they were a part of who you are. Her fundamental idea that she taught was that all of the roles exist within us.



Michael Chekov Technique

Students learn how to create a character using their body as a physical and emotional tool. Selections from plays, poetry and prose are utilized to train the actor to approach the text from a “physical and emotional” point of view. The course investigates the actors’ movement and relationship to space, to each other, and to situations. Exercises including Psychological Gesture, Sensory and improvisational movement, and relaxation help bring awareness to their body, emotions, and mind. Students then apply these techniques to a monologue or poem in a final performance.


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